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Build Your Own Data Logger
8-part video tutorial series beginning November

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Creating your own instrumentation – that’s deployment-ready, reliable and power optimised –  requires a broad skillset and the right tools. With all the platforms and elements that go into it, where’s a good place to start learning?

WILDLABS and Freaklabs are proud to announce our new virtual course: Build Your Own Data Logger. This eight-part video tutorial series will guide wildlife and conservation researchers through building and deploying custom hardware using the Arduino platform.

Beginning this November, this in-depth series will give you the practical skills and knowledge base you need to deploy a data logger for real. Through learn-at-your-own-pace videos, Office Hour events, and resources, we will cover everything a beginner to Arduino needs to get started, from common terminology, and components, to programming, and all the way though piloting, testing, deploying, and troubleshooting.

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The series assumes no hardware experience. It’ll cover common terminology, components, the hardware design stack, setting up the Arduino environment, programming and optimising your application, choosing and modifying enclosures, piloting, testing, deploying and troubleshooting.

You’re not on your own. Our interactive series makes it easier than ever to get feedback and guidance as you learn. Every two weeks, we’ll host a live Office Hours event to troubleshoot, answer questions in person, and release the next module in the series. We’ll also have cheat sheets and code to download, plus a forum to ask questions between sessions.

Watch the series intro & Q&A on Season 1 of WILDLABs Tech Tutors

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