BoomBox is an open source, Arduino-compatible board that attaches to a camera trap to create an Automated Behavioural Response system (ABRS) for wildlife conservation and research.

The typical usage for Boombox is to function as audio playback device for animal behavioural experiments. It’s also used as an animal deterrent, or can be used to run experiments on audio deterrents for crop protection.

If you’re interested in deploying BoomBox, contact us through the form below.  You can also purchase the device directly here.

If you’ve never soldered or programmed hardware before, don’t worry, we’ll take you through it. 



System Overview

BoomBox connects to the camera trap’s PIR motion sensor. When the PIR motion sensor is triggered, BoomBox plays an audio file, allowing for playback experiments that can capture animal responses to specific audio cues. The system is an adaptation of this one here.

BoomBox v0.6 has been deployed in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa. Upcoming deployments include Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, South Africa and the Italian Apennines.

When using and referencing this design, please cite:

Palmer, M. S., Plucinski, J., Akiba., & Pringle, R. Automated Behavioural Response Camera Trap Module for Wildlife Playback Experiments (In Prep)



BoomBox Footage

Animal footage courtesy of Dr. Meredith Palmer and her team.




  • 1.5-2 months battery life 
  • Speaker distance from BoomBox is 50cm
  • Distance from BoomBox to camera trap is 50cm
  • 16MB flash memory (approximately 15 minutes of MP3 play time). The number of audio files depends on length and quality of audio files. 
  • Can trigger directly from trailcam
  • Can trigger via it’s own PIR motion sensor
  • Can play MP3s sequentially, randomly, or in any way you can program
  • Volume adjust via software or manually via volume dial
  • Open source software




Power consumption0.8 mA in sleep mode
38mA in idle mode
Up to 1 A when active
Audio FormatMP3
Speakers2 x 2-inch, 4 ohm, 5W speakers
Flash Memory16MB
Batteries3 x AA
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 degrees Celsius
32 to 158 Fahrenheit
Amplifier3W/channel stereo amplifier IC PAM8403
MP3 decoder ICYX6100
Enclosure115 x 90 x 55mm
Has 'ears' for easier mounting
Enclosure ratingIP65
Dust proof, and withstands water jets projected by a nozzle 6.3 mm eg. rainproof

The rest of the specs (for example, the motion sensing distance and camera recording) are as per the camera trap model.




BoomBox v0.6 is compatible with the following camera trap models




UnitsCost (USD)


In The Box

  • BoomBox circuit board
  • 2 x speakers
  • AA battery holder 
  • Cable gland
  • 1 x IP65 enclosure (waterproof, dust proof).
  • Enclosure dimensions: 115 x 90 x 55mm with mounting ear
  • USB programming dongle

*  requires 3 x AA batteries. mounting and speaker enclosures not included.




The camera trap will need some soldering and enclosure modifications to attach BoomBox.  The speakers are outside the enclosure so you can place them at any distance. However you’ll need to protect the speakers against the elements, and experience has taught us the wires are vulnerable to being pulled by baboons 🙂

Don’t worry if you’ve never soldered before, it’s quite straightforward, and we’ll guide you through it.


To download your MP3 files to BoomBox, you’ll need to programme the BoomBox. BoomBox is programmed using the USB programming dongle, and the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment. Arduino is a free, open source platform for hardware development. You can download it here.
Again, don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Arduino, it’s not too complicated and we’ll guide you through it.



BoomBox Enquiry

Please include details such as number of devices, deployment environment and deployment dates.

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