Wildlife Populations in the Serengeti


Technology in context:

The work of wildlife researchers and conservationists reveal secrets that inform how we understand and relate to the environment and the species we share it with, and how we can manage it better.

Meredith Palmer, is a behavioural ecologist and NSF postdoctoral fellow in the Pringle Lab at Princeton University. She’s studying predator-prey dynamics of large mammals in Africa and North America. Her research, and that of all researchers and studies inform and shape strategies for conservation, species re-introduction and eco-system management.

225 camera traps

She also runs initiatives that use camera traps to capture responses such as Snapshot Serengeti , Snapshot Safari, Eyes on the Wild and WildCam Gorongosa

Most wildlife researchers and conservationists use off-the-shelf trail cams that are designed game hunters. This means they’re constantly ‘hacking’ the cameras for their research needs.

We worked with Meredith to add audio playback to Bushnell’s Trophy Cam HD….

The designs were based upon a paper and  built upon an existing design from Justin …


One of the challenges in the build was ….


We …[what we did. What was interesting …, challenges adapting the design]… One thing we needed to keep in mind was ….

Since its deployment the system has captured …. pull


We’re now working with Meredith to develop an open source camera trap that will allow researchers to access ‘locked’ functionality ….

it’s called ZooTube